Wish drop

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Wish drop
Wish drop.png
RomajiNegai no shizuku
Item Description
Can be used to upgrade an area item to a specific level.

Wish drop is an item that allows players to increase an area item to a specific level (e.g. level 10 to level 11). Players can obtain this item from the Event Shop or Kakera Exchange Shop for 300 fragment of feelings. The amount of wish drops to upgrade an area item varies, depend on the area item's type.

  • Hatsune Miku's area items: 1 wish drop
  • Character area items: 5 wish drops
  • VIRTUAL SINGER area items: 6 wish drops
  • Unit area items (not included VIRTUAL SINGER unit): 15 wish drops
  • Attribute area items (plants): 15 wish drops
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