Nursing my ES Gacha

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Nursing my ES Gacha
Gacha214 logo.png
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JapaneseNursing my ESガチャ
Gacha Information
Gacha ID214
Start date2022/06/10, 12:00 JST
End date2022/06/20, 11:59 JST
Gacha type
Has pity?Yes
  • Crystals
  • Paid crystals

Nursing my ES Gacha (Nursing my ESガチャ) is a gacha associated with the Guiding a Lost Child to What Lies Beyond event.

Gacha rates[edit | edit source]

Rarity Rate
Gold star.png Gold star.png 88.5%
Gold star.png Gold star.png Gold star.png 8.5%
Gold star.png Gold star.png Gold star.png Gold star.png 3%

Rate up cards[edit | edit source]

IDThumbnailCard nameCharacterStatusSkillCostume
445Mafuyu 17 thumbnail.pngIn the Warmth of Glowing DuskAsahina MafuyuPermanentHealerConfusion Nurse
446Mizuki 17 thumbnail.pngThere's No Need to Be AfraidAkiyama MizukiPermanentHealerDeception Nurse
447Len 18 thumbnail.pngShyly Greeting While HidingKagamine LenPermanentPerfect lockerEndure Nightgown

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