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The Crystal Shop is where players can purchase crystal packs, Colorful Pass, the current Premium Mission Pass, previous Premium Mission Pass costumes, and various items such as fragments of feelings, miracle gems, and stamp exchange tickets.

Spending limits[edit | edit source]

Upon first entering the Crystal Shop, players are greeted with a dialogue box prompting them to input their age. Players under the age of 20 have a spending limit of ¥20,000.

Buying crystals[edit | edit source]

The first tab contains crystal packs.

Pack Crystals Bonus crystals Total crystals Cost
Crystal Value Pack D 1800 300 2100 ¥1840
Crystal Value Pack F 5000 850 5850 ¥4900
Crystal Value Pack G 10500 1800 12300 ¥10000
Pack Crystals Cost
Crystal Pack A 110 ¥120
Crystal Pack B 350 ¥370
Crystal Pack C 950 ¥980
Crystal Pack D 1800 ¥1840
Crystal Pack E 3060 ¥3060
Crystal Pack F 5000 ¥4900
Crystal Pack G 10500 ¥10000

Premium Mission Pass[edit | edit source]

Colorful Pass[edit | edit source]

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