1.5 Year Anniversary - Colorful Festival Gacha

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1.5 Year Anniversary - Colorful Festival Gacha
Gacha198 logo.png
Gacha198 banner.png
Romaji[1.5 Shuunenkinen] Karafuru Fesutibaru Gacha
Gacha Information
Gacha ID198
Start date2022/03/30, 15:00 JST
End date2022/04/04, 14:59 JST
Gacha typeColorful Festival
Has pity?No
  • Crystals
  • Paid crystals

1.5 Year Anniversary - Colorful Festival Gacha ([1.5周年記念]カラフルフェスティバルガチャ, [1.5 Shuunenkinen] Karafuru Fesutibaru Gacha) is a gacha with doubled 4☆ rate.

Gacha rates[edit | edit source]

Rarity Rate
Gold star.png Gold star.png 85.5%
Gold star.png Gold star.png Gold star.png 8.5%
Gold star.png Gold star.png Gold star.png Gold star.png 6%

Rate up cards[edit | edit source]

IDThumbnailCard nameCharacterStatusSkillCostume
402An 13 thumbnail.pngThe Enthusiasm From the PastShiraishi AnColorful Festival limitedAccuracy scorerLovely Vivid Devil
403Toya 14 thumbnail.pngFeelings I Had Buried Deep InsideAoyagi ToyaColorful Festival limitedLife scorerNotice Suspenders
404Miku 23 thumbnail.pngAmong the Dancing Flower Petals in the WindHatsune MikuLimited25-ji, Nightcord de. scorerEvening Cherry Blossom Matoi
405Len 17 thumbnail.pngSurrounded by Spring-Colored SweetsKagamine LenLimitedVivid BAD SQUAD scorerSpring-Colored Sukajan
406Luka 16 thumbnail.pngCherry Blossoms Blooming on the BlackboardMegurine LukaLimitedLeo/need scorerSakura Student
407KAITO 14 thumbnail.pngIt's Okay, EveryoneKAITOLimitedWonderlands×Showtime scorerHanageki Attire・Sakura

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